• Perfecting Fellowship International is continually expanding as there are churches that join every year from around the world.
  • Perfecting Fellowship International is focused on making the local church heathy and strong. In return, strong churches produces a strong fellowship.
  • Every year all of the pastors and churches of PFI gather for an annual Holy Convocation where vision and direction is given through our Bishop.
  • Perfecting Fellowship International is an organization that has been birthed in existence through diligent prayer.


Who is the desired applicant?

Any Pastor along with their congregation including elders, deacons and / or similar responsible officers desiring membership in PFI must:

1) Complete an application with supporting documentation as required by the Vetting Process.

2) Subscribe to the Covenant, Statement of Purpose and Tenets of Faith and Doctrine as stated in Article III of these By-Laws.

3) Commit to being an active member of PFI.

4) Commit to the annual financial responsibility to PFI as required by PFI.

The Covenant Agreement

PFI has a corporate commitment to a basic body of beliefs founded on God's revealed truth. PFI member churches are distinct, autonomous legal entities, however congregational church government relates only to the incidental affairs of the local congregation and not to doctrinal practices or tenets. The basic doctrines of any PFI congregation shall be the same basic doctrines in all PFI congregations.

PFI Privileges

Membership provides the following opportunities:

+ Global Fellowship

+ Mentorship for church development and protocol

+ Son-ship for spiritual growth and development

+ Pastorate and Theological Education workshops and seminars

+ Accountability to God's word by spiritual leadership

+ Apostolic Impartation

+ Oversight supervision

Submission of an application and an onsite evaluation does not guarantee admission into PFI.